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Unveiling a Magical Tooth Mascot for Dental Delights

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In this portfolio post, I’m thrilled to introduce “Teeth Genie”—a whimsical mascot logo that combines the charm of a genie with the world of dental care. This enchanting character is here to grant smiles and make every dental visit a magical experience.

Explore the creative journey behind the Teeth Genie mascot logo, where the mystical meets the practical, and where oral health is transformed into an adventure. From its friendly smile to its charming demeanor, this mascot embodies the spirit of dental care with a sprinkle of magic.

Our logo encapsulates the essence of Ento Research—a versatile and innovative company that merges the intricate realms of Entomology, Insecticide Toxicology and Ecotoxicology, Biotechnology, and Integrated Pest Management. The minimalistic yet intricate lineart design reflects our dedication to precision, research, and advancement.


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