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Logo and Label Designs for a Hand Crafted Soda Beverage Brand

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Step into the world of Project Soda Depot—a captivating design project that encompasses the creation of a vintage/retro themed logo and label designs for a delightful soda beverage brand. Soda Depot’s essence echoes the charm of yesteryears, offering a unique blend of handcrafted brewed sodas and nostalgic candies.

The logo design harkens back to an era of timeless aesthetics, exuding the allure of vintage charm. With carefully selected typography, colors, and visual elements, the logo encapsulates Soda Depot’s dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and a touch of nostalgia.

Complementing the logo, the label designs take the consumer on a journey through time. Each label is thoughtfully curated to reflect the character of the soda flavor, while maintaining the overarching vintage theme. The labels are an artistic homage to Soda Depot’s dedication to handcrafted excellence.

Project Soda Depot stands as a testament to the intersection of taste and tradition. The logo and label designs collectively capture the brand’s essence, resonating with those who yearn for the flavors and memories of the past, while delighting in the present craftmanship of small batch, handcrafted sodas and candies.