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Full Branding Design for a Clothing and Accessory Brand for Kids

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2017 IDA Design Awards, Project One Nifty Munchkin – Honorable Mention and 2018 A’ Design Award – Project One Nifty Munchkin – Iron Award

One Nifty Munchkin, a designer brand dedicated to children. This enchanting project encompassed the creation of a lovable unicorn mascot logo, captivating stationery designs, and magical packaging designs. Together, these elements conjure a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Logo, Stationery and Print Designs

Unicorn Mascot Logo: My journey began with crafting a logo that would be as enchanting as One Nifty Munchkin’s offerings. The result was a lovable unicorn mascot that captures the essence of childhood wonder. This charming character serves as the brand’s ambassador, spreading joy and magic with every appearance.

Stationery Designs: To ensure that every interaction with One Nifty Munchkin is a delightful experience, I designed stationery that resonates with both children and parents. From whimsical letterheads to playful business cards, every piece of stationery carries the brand’s magical touch, making every correspondence a journey into wonder.

Packaging Designs: The true enchantment of One Nifty Munchkin comes to life through its packaging. Each box is a treasure chest waiting to be opened, revealing carefully curated designer items for kids. The packaging designs are a blend of creativity and functionality, ensuring that the unveiling of every product is an experience to remember.

Color Palette: To invoke a sense of whimsy and imagination, I chose a color palette that mirrors the colors of a fairy tale. Soft pastels, vibrant rainbows, and, of course, the unicorn’s signature hues, all come together to create an atmosphere of magic and wonder.

Brand Guide

Imagination Unleashed: One Nifty Munchkin is not just a brand; it’s an invitation to explore the world through a child’s eyes. The unicorn mascot, the stationery, and the packaging all serve as portals to a world where dreams take flight and play is the order of the day.

Inspiring Childhood Dreams: This branding project for One Nifty Munchkin is a testament to the power of imagination. It’s an exploration of the boundless creativity that resides within children. Through these designs, One Nifty Munchkin seeks to inspire and nurture the dreams and aspirations of young minds, reminding us all that the world is a magical place when seen through the eyes of a child.

One Nifty Munchkin’s brand is a celebration of the enchantment of childhood. It’s a reminder that every moment is an opportunity for adventure, every day is a canvas for creativity, and every child is a treasure trove of dreams waiting to be discovered. With this branding project, One Nifty Munchkin invites us all to rediscover the magic of childhood.