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Mascot Logo Design for an Organic Lawn Dyeing Company

Logo, Mascot and Illustration | 0 comments

This design venture delves into the heart of Project The Outsiders—a unique endeavor tailored for absentee landlords, part-time residents, and those seeking rapid lawn transformations through grass greening using organic lawn dye.

The mascot logo design captures the essence of transformation and rejuvenation. The mascot character embodies the dynamic change that The Outsiders brings to outdoor spaces, resonating with the brand’s dedication to rapid yet eco-friendly lawn greening.

From catering to absentee landlords to offering a swift solution for lush lawns, the logo encapsulates the brand’s mission to provide efficient and impactful landscaping solutions. The mascot embodies the brand’s ethos of fast and sustainable transformations.

Project The Outsiders’ mascot logo stands as a visual representation of their commitment to making outdoor spaces come alive with vibrant greens, catering to those seeking a quick and impactful change in their landscapes.”


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