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Logo Design for a Wellness Center”

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This design venture delves into the heart of Project Functional Life—a dynamic wellness center situated in New Hope, PA. Devoted to holistic well-being, the center offers comprehensive assessments, personalized prescriptions, and effective implementations of functional lifestyle programs. These programs encompass vital aspects of Chiropractic, Fitness, and Nutrition.

The illustrative logo weaved for Project Functional Life resonates with the brand’s multifaceted focus. It captures the essence of its core pillars—Chiropractic, Fitness, and Nutrition—within a single emblem. This illustrative representation harmoniously unites these key areas, reflecting the center’s commitment to complete and holistic wellness.

From the logo’s design to its composition, every element mirrors the brand’s ethos of functional living. This logo serves as an emblem of Project Functional Life’s aspiration to empower individuals to live their lives to the fullest, embracing health, vitality, and balance in every facet.


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