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Funky Mascot Logo Design for Doctor Biggles Pet Foods

Logo, Mascot and Illustration | 0 comments

This project involved creating a unique and engaging mascot logo for Doctor Biggles Pet Foods, a brand known for its diverse range of nutritious pet food products. The logo design centered around infusing a sense of funkiness and playfulness that resonated with pet owners seeking the best for their furry friends. 

The core concept was to design a funky mascot character that embodied the spirit of Doctor Biggles—a brand that prioritizes pet well-being and happiness. The mascot, a charismatic dog, was illustrated with a distinctive personality and dynamic expression, reflecting the joy and connection between pets and their owners.

Usage: The logo will be used across diverse platforms, including product packaging, online platforms, social media, and promotional materials.

Style: A blend of funkiness and contemporary design, capturing the essence of a playful yet professional brand.