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Capturing Sri Lanka’s Emotional Tapestry through Design: Branding for Documentary Film

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“Enter the heart-wrenching yet poignant world of ‘Teardrop on Fire,’ a cinematic portrayal weaving together the raw narratives of abuse within the enchanting canvas of Sri Lanka. In the midst of this rich contextual tapestry, our creative journey unfolded, crafting a visual identity that resonates deeply with the emotional essence of these stories.

From the intricately designed logo to the evocative website, and the captivating logo intro animation, our creative team meticulously captured the essence of these stories, intertwining them with the vibrant hues of Sri Lanka’s scenic beauty. Each poster, meticulously crafted, serves as a visual portal, inviting audiences to delve into the emotional landscapes of both the film and the island itself.

Logo/Title Design
Main Poster Design
Subject Poster Designs
Website Design
Film Proposal Document Design